Covid 19

I would just like to say the impact on us all has been enormous and to para phrase an article I recently read “We are all in the same storm and yet not necessarily in the same boat” .
I am seeing the impact on my grand childrens’ schooling ,their  sporting , social lives ,and everyday life. I see  the impact on their parents working and schooling at home, making sure of exercise and all the things the kids once did, just doing every day things ,the biggest thing I see is the keeping of a positive face when they themselves don’t know how this will end and what the life impact will be.  Well done to my children and to all you mums dads and carers.

We are witnessing gruelling scenes and statistics through media from all countries, images I could never have dreamed I would see  in my lifetime. Thank you to all the frontline workers here in Australia and to all those around the world we watch in amazement as you act with such strength complete humility we are witnessing total exhaustion and numbers of people dying and yet your strong desire to help and keep on keeping on at the risk of your own physical and mental health .

In Australia the Morrison government and the state governments have acted quickly and swiftly to lessen the health and financial impact on our citizens and in doing so have flattened the curve of this hideous virus and given  themselves time to equip our health services  and be ready  for what might be . We say  Thank you , we also  extend our deepest sympathy to all those who have lost love ones and been severely impacted during this time.  So with all that said .

Today I am talking a little about BED + SOFA trading through the covid 19 . Not as an  expert analyst  or an expert business consultant just as a me a business owner of 22 years and some.

BED + SOFA . Firstly what seems like an eternity ago we made a decision to keep our employees employed for as long as we are able to financially do so. Obviously without customers and ongoing cash flow ? Well we had back up funds within the business  to cope with set backs that are out of our control  of course these are limited and hopefully will see us out of this. However now thanks to the job keeper payments this will be a little easier.  So in keeping us all employed and doing our little bit for the economy .We  set forth on completely painting the store in side and out, for the interior we updated with new modern colours  greens and golds whilst very subtle and yet very tasteful, this is a little bit of our Australian pride.  BED  + SOFA is a leading store in beautiful furniture presentation. We are an independent store unlike our franchise competitors we are not limited to or held back by the ideas and conventions of the franchisor . Our website is always open ,the  actual store and showroom is  trading with changed operating hours  10.30 to 4pm. We are here and ready for the new world of retail ,post COVID19 .
How we are trading through COVID 19

Really all we could do and are doing is riding the storm out in our little BED + SOFA boat ,

Stay safe – Stay home – wash those hands

We will see you on the other side



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