Trentham Chair


Trentham chair Australian made product is a beautiful wing design.

History of the wing chair.

The wing chair was first designed as a fire side chair in the 1600s, the wing was to protect the face from the searing heat of the fire and if you happened to fall asleep the wing would support the head. The wing chair originally would have been upholstered in very bright vibrant colours and patterns. Certainly stood the test of time this very popular piece of furniture. may be   purchased from the sofa store. The sofa store offers you the Trentham wing chair. the sofa store has chosen the Warwick fabric in Williams stripe and the colour parchment. A lovely range of prints, plains and pattern fabrics is available for you to make this lovely chair a centre piece in your home.

Modern homes today the Trentham wing chair is a statement piece .

The sofa store relax in style ………..