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Fjords by Moran

Amira Manual  chair

Senator ergonomic reclining chair with foot stool features all of the  fjords design and the knowledge of manufacturing furniture since the 1914 ,while presenting a unique modern style for today . The use of curved timber in this design is simply stunning and the high quality workmanship required to bend and form this timber is first class.The soft line leather combined with curved timber create this beautiful streamline chair.

When you sit in, and then recline in this chair you will immediately feel  the stress fade from your body , your arms will be positioned for good blood circulation and  your back will be  relaxed with the lumbar support supporting the natural curve in your lumbar  region.

There is a choice of leather colours and timber stain colours . featured  is the senator chair in storm grey leather and charcoal  beech  timber .

 This model is a manual design  and comes with the foot stool. 


Fjords by Moran

Powered chair

  Inspired by the Norwegian Fjords the Scandinavian brothers have been manufacturing  since 1941. The best quality ergonomic chairs. Today the design and the chairs are renowned through out  the world as the leading  designs and manufacturing skills. Todays’ modern chair features the integrated foot stool with concealed power buttons, a simple touch of the button and the footstool unfolds almost magically, with the touch of another button the back of the seat reclines to your perfect position also the  head rest  is adjustable.These chairs are powered and are able to be plugged directly into a socket or  when power is un available or not suitable a battery pack will be the solution  and is available at an extra cost.  The chairs come in 2 sizes a large size and small  and in 7 designs one of which will be 100 percent suited to your body. BED + SOFA showcase these 7  designs, you may call into the showroom in Ballarat or simply order this superb chair online.

Your Questions answered. 

Why buy an ergonomic  reclining chair ?
 The quick answer, 1. The stylish good looks  2. The soft line leather .3  Your spinal care and mental health.4 lifestyle.5 Guarantee lifelong.
 The detailed answers.
An ergonomic reclining  chair is designed to support natural posture and reduce stressful forces on your body, therefore  a quality ergonomic chair will improve posture and reduce back pain.

The back rest of the chair extends from your shoulders to the seat and has a curve at the lower section this is often referred to as lumbar support. The lumbar support follows the natural curve in your lower back called the lumbar spine.
The arm rests will support your elbow and forearm  by creating a 90-degree angle between the arm and the forearm. This allows you to rest perfectly.
A touch of luxury the integrated foot stool on  some models. The footstool is not separate and it forms part of the actual chair.
Another common cause of lower back pain while sitting is the improper alignment of the hips and pelvis.
So when you sit in an  ergonomic reclining chair  your pelvis and hips  will be level and your lower back will curve naturally and be supported.
Personalise, choice of timber colours and choice of leather colours.

To order a colour sample of leather or timber ,please email jenny at our online customer service


Fjords by Moran

Tradition and innovation

The most important key to Fjords philosophy is to find the meeting point of tradition and innovation, the point at which yesterday’s knowledge meets today’s technology. Bringing together  and We are always moving towards our goal, just like the ocean we will always have our roots in the past, just like the mountain.

This makes us unique. this makes us Fjords.

About Moran 


Moran’s legendary level of comfort and quality of construction cannot be achieved by taking shortcuts. Each Moran sofa and chair is individually made to order using best practice crafts that many other manufacturers have replaced with mass production techniques that often fall short on body correct comfort and longevity. Moran puts the finest materials to work using the highest standard of craftsmanship. This is the guarantee of your investment in Moran.

Points of difference

1. Genuine 8 Way Hand Tied Springs

The finest and most comfortable seat has a genuine 8-way hand-tied hourglass spring system. In fully sprung furniture this is not only the best method, it’s the only one to give truly independent suspension for every person, no matter what his or her shape, size or weight. As each Moran steel hourglass spring is individually tied and tensioned at eight separate locations, it develops a cocoon-like web of comfort around it. The web connects each spring with its neighbours and provides you with the ultimate in individual buoyancy. This is not new. It’s a traditional craft. However because of the man-hours involved and the skill required, it has often been dropped throughout the world in favour of less effective and cheaper systems. In Moran designs where the style does not allow for 8 way hand tied springs Moran uses tempered steel Memory Springs. These ensure the base of the sofa or chair gives you healthy body-correct support. As always, Moran remains wedded to the belief that a sofa should offer the most comfort possible.

2. Spring Cell Seat Cushions

These cushions are almost a sofa in themselves. They certainly add extra comfort and extend performance. They begin with tempered steel springs which, to avoid squeaking, are individually placed in calico pockets. These are then carefully positioned in the highest grade, resilient foams – the world’s best in fact. All this is then carefully covered in premium quality bonded fibre before being upholstered in your choice of fabric or leather. Because of this you receive more than a sofa when you choose a Moran. You possess a calm retreat and a welcoming refuge from stress.

3. Body Correct Lumbar Support

This ergonomically designed system ensures long-term relaxation. It is specifically design to support your lower back. This is aided by Moran’s sprung edge which provide vital support behind your knees to help protect the sciatic nerves. It means you don’t have to wriggle around all the time to get comfortable.

4. Kiln Dried, Close Grain Hardwood Timber

Moran’s underlying quality begins with a structural engineered frame. To ensure a precise fit in the joinery, the cutting of this close-grain, kiln dried hardwood foundation is computer controlled. It is then glued, double dowelled, screwed and corner blocked to ensure it won’t bend or twist in years to come.

5. Premium Leathers & Fabrics

Moran upholstery coverings are carefully selected for their high durability and are wear tested to ensure they withstand the pressures and spills of modern Australian living, domestic or commercial.

6, BED + SOFA 
 Fjords by Moran  approached BED + SOFA  to  showcase these magnificent chairs. Moran being extremely protective of their product , quality and reputation. Knowing BED + SOFA
  (Jen and Phil ) have been around for some time knowing their business ethos really left us at Moran with no choice but to go with the best for the best.
Hence BED + SOFA became the obvious store/ showroom.
 BED + SOFA  are currently in their third decade of trading, are a well known Victorian/ Australian store for  providing quality furniture. The beautiful presentation of the furniture with in their showroom , award winning customer service , business ethics and put simply a real lovely vibe to this company . So  we are thrilled that BED + SOFA accepted our invitation to showcase the fjord ergo chairs on their showroom floor  for you to purchase.