Dining table reclaimed timber Victoria



Reclaimed timber ,Hardwood dining tables Ballarat Melbourne

Reclaimed timber Australian hardwood . Darrius Dining table is reclaimed messmate sourced from far north QLD telegraph poles spar. A certificate of authentication is  provided  with your beautiful table. The featured dining table is 2.4 mtrs and BED + SOFA  have displayed with  black curved Oslo timber dining chair. The timbers have a great story with the reclaimation and recycling in these modern times of  disposable consumer products. A new lease of life for this timber and it will continue to give to our enviroment for many ,many  more years. However the manufacturing is an interesting and uplifting tale of those in our community with great desires to contribute and yet have less opportunities available. The Salvos are giving the opportunity to  contribute,learn new skills,to work in a manufacturing enviroment, a work place and work under a supervisor and with in a team..The tables are manufactured   to the highest and strictest of standards, the timbers are all matched for type ,color and grain. The Darrius dining table has 4 timber legs . You may prefer the Black steel D base , this gives  more of an industrial style . Congtatulations to The Salvation Army Queensland enviromently friendly .Dining Chair leather winchelsea  


:2.7 mtr  x 1100w x 750h

:2400l x 1100w x 750h

:2100l x 1100w x 750h

:1800l x 1100w x 750h

dining chair featured :  Oslo black with grey fabric cushion.

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