Mattress Indulgence medium


Mattresses Ballarat.  Australian made. Tencel the natural fibre

Indulgence collection – featuring  the medium mattress . If you are needing a new mattress,this Australian made mattress will  improve your life with restful sleep.

This Australian made mattress will  provide you with a pocket zoned spring coil this will contour to the shape of your body,The pocket spring is just that it is an individual spring inside a pocket , so the individual spring pockets all move independently contouring to your body shape ,also  when you move or your partner moves, only the springs you are laying on will move, minimising sleep disturbance caused from partners movement, hence the term minimal partner disturbance springs. So if you suffer with sore hips or shoulders ,maybe some arthritis, this spring will support you without pressure points..

The indulgence mattress has also been designed to keep the sleep surface at an even temperature using the latest technologies. The natural comfort layers are all convoluted.This simple and yet very effective design allows constant air flow  keeping the mattress at an even temperature.

 The mattress covering is  bamboo Tencel  a very natural fabric The wood to fibre  process for tencel is  not chemical based .

Tencel  and natural cotton is great for the enviroment and great for us humans.

hmm  and pandas too !


 Natural fibres and comfort layers  create a very healthy sleep environment  this is so important in todays world,as  we are bombarded with chemicals, pollution and noise as we go about and  perform  everyday tasks.It becomes more and more important  for you to sleep well.This is often easier said than done however with some basic  planning and knowledge it is certainly attainable.. BED + SOFA  suggest  a cool even temperature with a window open slightly (if your environment allows for  this). Your mattress needs to be comfortable. Your bed linen should  be as natural and chemical free as possible,such as  bamboo tencel this is an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice .Natural  Cotton is also a kind to the enviroment and is a  great choice for bed linen doonas and etc .What we all need  for good health and a happy outlook is to sleep well and wake feeling refreshed.

This  luxury mattress will provide you with a great night’s sleep  for many years to come. How to Choose a Mattress?

The Indulgence is available in all sizes, as an ensemble or mattress and is suitable for slat base beds   10 year warranty. Available in a firm, medium or plush.

BED + SOFA supporting Australian manufacturers .

This ensemble is exclusive to BED + SOFA ; 100% Australian made and Australian owned company.

Mattresses Ballarat  . sizes available ;queen- double- single-king single- king size also  custom mattress made to order mattress eg for caravans or antique bed frame etc.


Individual Pocket spring – no pressure points

Tencel covering – natural fibre

Ventilated casing – airflow

Temp control – good air flow

No turn – single sided pillow top\

comfort layers

choose from   Firm, medium or Plush

Warranty: 10 years
Australian Made


King:               1800w x 2030l
Queen:            1500w x 2030l
Double:           1350w x 1880l
King Single:    1070w x 2030l
Single:             900w x 1880l