How do I choose my new mattress? How do I choose my new mattress?


Frequently asked questions answered.

How often should I buy a new mattress?
A. The quality lifespan of a mattress is approx. 7 years, therefore we recommend replacing your mattress every 7 years. This is because mattresses are designed for your comfort, back care and quality of sleep, thus every 7 years our bodies will have changed our needs have changed and the mattress will be is wearing.

The mattress has 10 year guarantee so why will it only last 7 years?
A. Your mattress will last longer than 7 years it of course will not be as good as it was, however if you are still comfortable and sleeping well, 7 years is a guide.

What does the guarantee cover then?
A. A product warranty/ guarantee will cover any manufacturing fault.
eg: stitching coming apart, a spring breaking.

My partner is a lot heavier than me, how can we get a mattress to suit us both?
A. This is not really a problem with todays' modern mattresses, the springs systems used are designed for differing weights. The individual pocketed spring system will also minimise disturbance caused from your partner moving.

I wake up with a lower back ache and then I have a shower and it goes away is this my mattress?
A. It is most likely your mattress, this means that your mattress may have worn, or is simply is no longer suitable

So how do I know if my new mattress will stop this from happening?
A. On your new mattress you will be lying very straight, you will be comfortable and sleeping well.
You will have tested the mattress in the store and have discussed this with your sales assistant and you will feel very confident in your decision.

How much should I spend on my new mattress?
A. The most expensive mattress in the store is not necessarilry the most suited to you and your partner. We all have different needs and budgets, I would recommend if you have a budget in mind to let the sales assistant know so you can choose the best mattress for you and be within your budget. pricing guide. Queen mattress starts around $400.00 and can go up to $4000.00.

Should my mattress have indentation?
A. Yes. It definitely should, all luxury, comfortable and good quality mattress will indent, they have been designed to do this. It is the indentation or the contouring that is giving you support and comfort.

Are latex mattresses hot to sleep on?
A. A full latex mattress can be quite warm to sleep on. Latex retains the body heat,A full latex mattress would not suit someone who is a normaly a warm sleeper. ( A latex layer in a sprung mattress is generally more suitable )

What size is a queen mattress?
A. A queen mattress is 1500 X 2030, a king mattress is 1800 X 2030 a double mattress is 1350 X 1880.

Do I need to purchase a new base?
A. Yes. Your old base may be in good condition,however it is as old as the mattress, so you will need to replace . You will spend a lot of money on your new mattress, it is not recommended to put it on an old base. By doing so it could void part of your warranty.

I have an odd size antique bed frame, how will I get a mattress to fit?
A. we are able to have mattresses custom made to any size or shape that you need, the bed shop Ballarat  supports Australian made mattresses and manufacturers.

Can I put my mattress on a slat base bed.
A. Yes all the modern mattresses are designed to go on slat base beds, this will not alter the comfort level ..

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