reclining chair

Ergonomic designed furniture

Ergonomic chair provides you with the perfect support for your body, the comfort level allows you to completely relax from the second you are seated. The reclining action works with a gently pushing the back into exactly the position you want to recline and using the ergo foot stool to elevate your legs. All of…

3 seat chesterfield design


Chesterfield More Than a Simple sofa. A statement piece .  It is believed that lord Philip Stanhope the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, commissioned the first leather settee. He requested a local craftsman to construct a piece of furniture that would allow a gentleman to sit upright in comfort and without wrinkling the garment. The Earl…

3 seat sofa navy blue in living room

MOLMIC Gallery Australian made

Manufacturing excellence is the fine art of perfecting your people, product and processes

italian leather 3 wide seats and a chaise

Italian leather

Why is it the best? Italian leather is known as the Market leader. At BED + SOFA ,We love it and we love it because it is beautiful to touch, it smells devine and is unique in appearance. We also love the long / lifetime gaurantees this furniture has. The leather is expensive and therefor…

corona virus


I would just like to say the impact on us all has been enormous and to para phrase an article I recently read “We are all in the same storm and yet not necessarily in the same boat” .


Merrry Christmas

Wishing all our wonderful customers a very merry Christmas and happy and safe 2020.

lady sleeping peacefully in bed.

Need a good nights sleep?

 Don’t despair sleep is here, We all need sleep to function . So why does quality sleep evade so many of us? Firstly, Dare I state the obvious. So lets state the obvious.. We no longer work as physically hard as as we once did. We  spend so much more of our time indoors with artificial…

leather sofa retro design light gray color 2.5 seat

Leather how do I know and choose ?

Article 2 . corrected grain leather Leather how do I know and choose ?   BED + SOFA So what is corrected grain leather?  Corrected grain leather also is from the top layer of the hide. The same as the full grain/ raw leather, however the corrected grain leather has been treated and sanded, removing any…

leather sofa three seats raw leather

Leather how do I know and choose ?

Article 1. Raw leather also known as top full grain leather Leather how do I know and choose ?   BED + SOFA So what is raw leather?  Raw leather/ full grain leather is the top layer of the hide. Raw leather or unfinished leather is often referred to as natural leather. The reason for this…

Back care mattress

How to Choose a Mattress?

How do I choose my new mattress? How do I choose my new mattress? BED + SOFA Frequently asked questions answered. How often should I buy a new mattress? A. The quality lifespan of a mattress is approx. 7 years, therefore we recommend replacing your mattress every 7 years. This is because mattresses are designed for your comfort, back…