Leather how do I know and choose ?

Article 2 . corrected grain leather

Leather how do I know and choose ?   BED + SOFA

So what is corrected grain leather?  Corrected grain leather also is from the top layer of the hide. The same as the full grain/ raw leather, however the corrected grain leather has been treated and sanded, removing any of the natural markings . Then embossed with the new even textured grain . After this process the leather has a consistent and even grain .

Corrected top-grain leather starts out just like full-grain leather, but it is sanded and buffed to give it a more consistent, even appearance. A texture is embossed a top the sanded leather. Pigment resin is the waterproof coating applied to leather it not only waterproofs it protects the leather from marks and scratches making the finished leather much easier to clean and polish every day wear and tear marks and scratches .

  • 1. Who is going to use this sofa?
  • 2.What room is this sofa going into?
  • 3.Do I need this to be easy to maintain?
  • 4 What is my budget?
  • 5.Do I like the scuffs and markings of every day wear and tear?
  • 6. Would I prefer a finished leather or raw leather?


Corrected grain leather. Has a lovely even texture, is family friendly and generally is an expensive leather.

 Cleaning and maintenance of corrected grain leather. A soft bristle dry brush to dust, Apply leather protectant as well as a quality leather moisturiser. Use only leather cleaners .

Note: Do not use any other house hold products , these will damage the dye and the leather pigment coating.