Relief Classic Mid-Line Flexi Pillow


The Relief Classic Mid-Line Pillow is a traditionally shaped pillow that is extremely plush and comfortable. It is a medium profile pillow with the following dimensions (13cmx60cmx40cm).

The Pillow is made from 50kg/m3 premium quality moulded memory foam. The plushness of the pillow is achieved through the addition of ventilation holes in the foam. This not only enhances the soft feel, but also improves the air flow through the pillow. Provides a high level of comfort, pressure relief and will help provide a soothing night’s sleep.

The Relief Classic Mid-Line Pillow is covered in a luxurious Bamboo-Rich.The advantages of Bamboo are anti-bacterial, moisture absorbent, good insulation, hypo-allergenic. Very soft and eco-friendly.


A Plush, Supportive Pillow

Made from Moulded Premium Memory Foam

Ultra High Pressure Relief

May help relieve neck or shoulder stiffness and pain

Has ventilation holes to enhance air circulation

Bamboo Rich Removable and Washable cover

Size 60 x 40 x 13cm

5 Year Warranty

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