Elsa Leather Designer Chair



Italian leather chair. Chairs Ballarat. Chairs

Italian leather chair. You will love the super soft leather and the chesterfield buttoning. The winged sides allow you to completely relax, you can nod off with your head resting on the side wing..I love the yellow we have chosen to display the Elsa chair in. You may prefer Black tan white or a red ,the color choice is completely yours.Put your feet up with the matching stool,this is an optional purchase. The Elsa chair and stool are beautifully crafted and I know you will love this statement piece .
BED + SOFA have priced as a chair and stool.


Frame: Constructed from a selection of Kiln dried timbers
Seat: Webbing & Stamina foams
Back: Cushioning Fiber fill
Trim: Piping & Buttoning
Legs: steel: Available
Size: 0000w x 000d x 000h

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