Messmate Australian timber

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Weight1 kg
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 mm

buffet, coffee-table, lamp-table, entertainment console

Oakland Hardwood Buffet

Messmate Australian timber


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Australian Hardwood messmate

Stunning messmate timber , beautifully crafted buffet with three doors and three drawers , plenty of space to store crockery- cutlery- table cloths and place mats.

Black steel u base fits perfectly with the colour of the timber.

Best seller for BED + SOFA

Oakland collections also has a dining table,  coffee- table ,lamp- table , desk entertainment console

Hardwood buffet beautiful Australian messmate timber

Side board buffet sustainable timber messmate

Messmate timber features grain patterns .blood veins, pin hole ,sqiggley worm trails. The Harsh Australian environment creates these beautiful natural markings through wind damage ,floods,droughts,Natural stains and damage from wildlife.

Messmate is also called Stringy bark it grows naturally in parts of Victoria and Tasmania, and less widely the other states. Todays timber is sustainable forest growth.

Messmate timber has in recent years become a popular choice for furniture makers   No  2 pieces of furniture will be exactly the same

BED + SOFA Dining

beautiful hardwood messmate timber buffet with U steel base.





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