Stunning Leather sofa.

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2.5 seat + corner + 2.5 seat, 2.5 Seater, 3 seat + corner + 3 seat modular, 3.5 seat + corner + 3.5 seat modular, 3.5 seater, Chair

San Marco Luxury Leather Sofa

Stunning Leather sofa.


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San-Marco luxury leather sofa, featured  image is the  corner modular . This sits beautifully in your family room the sofa is super cloud like to sit on ,the arm height is perfect for relaxing .provides ample seating and will add a casual feel to your room .

Combination displayed is a 3.5 seat + corner + 3.5 seat  = 3.3mtr x 3.3mtr

other sizes and combinations are available.

The softest leather envelops your body from the second you sit down. Craftmanship is evident at  first glance.When I first sat on the San-Marco I could not believe how comfortable it was and still is .We are proud to sell these gorgeous pieces of furniture . We love them and you will too.

“When comfort is your style, San-Marco is your design”

For Leather samples please email  Jenny  at

[email protected]

Domicil finest leather furniture

Richard Wagner Designer at Domicil Germany


Home – a place that evokes vivid memories;

conjuring images and emotions of our lives.

A feeling that resonates from within through

a sense of joy, laughter and play. A  space

where we all want to return to.

We live to enliven the same spirit in your life – a

smile in the mind, enduring moments for life.

Domicil is Home.



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