Ergonomic designed furniture

Ergonomic designed furniture

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Ergonomic chair provides you with the perfect support for your body, the comfort level allows you to completely relax from the second you are seated. The reclining action works with a gently pushing the back into exactly the position you want to recline and using the ergo foot stool to elevate your legs. All of us are different for this reason there is a collection of zedere chairs each design differing slightly.

Ergonomic comfort

An ergonomically designed chair will provide comfort and support for every part of your body ,the head and neck are supported with the adjustable head rest. all four zones in your back are supported .The upper lumbar and the pelvic support will place you in the correct position for sitting ,enabling your blood to circulate more freely. As your back relaxes, your spine is gently supported in the right places and at the correct angle. Such a chair will relax and rejuvenate your body.

  1. Neck support
    Head rest adjustable further with a single movement in order to optimize your sitting experience.
  2. Springs in the back and seat optimize comfort
    Steel back and seat design allow long warranty to be offered
    Seat and back with Dacron fibres
    In order to provide the back and seat elements with extra softness and improved comfort, a carefully adapted layer of Dacron fibre is inserted between the upholstery and foam. Certain models have more or less than others in order to optimize design and comfort.
  3. Gliding steel mountings
    The unique gliding mountings that are built-in to our chairs and sofa provide the best individual resting position, because the weight of the body determines the position.
  4.  Molded foam in back, seat, armrest and footstool
    the foam is molded in casts that have the exact shape of the product.
  5. Laminated wooden bases
    Laminated wooden elements are selected for several bases because they provide durability and comfort. They also enable many exiting design opportunities.
  6. Leathers and colours  


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