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Chesterfield More Than a Simple sofa. A statement piece .  It is believed that lord Philip Stanhope the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, commissioned the first leather settee. He requested a...

MOLMIC Gallery Australian made

BED + SOFA   introducing the beautiful Molmic Gallery Australian Made Molmic Australian made, Manufacturing excellence is the fine art of perfecting your people, product and processes. Molmic sofas are created...

Italian leather

Why is it the best? Italian leather is known as the Market leader. At BED + SOFA ,We love it and we love it because it is beautiful to touch,...


Covid 19 I would just like to say the impact on us all has been enormous and to para phrase an article I recently read "We are all in the...

Merrry Christmas

Wishing all our wonderful customers a very merry Christmas and happy and safe 2020.

Need a good nights sleep?

 Don't despair sleep is here, We all need sleep to function . So why does quality sleep evade so many of us? Firstly, Dare I state the obvious. So lets...

Leather how do I know and choose ?

Article 2 . corrected grain leather Leather how do I know and choose ?   BED + SOFA So what is corrected grain leather?  Corrected grain leather also is from the...

Leather how do I know and choose ?

Article 1. Raw leather also known as top full grain leather Leather how do I know and choose ?   BED + SOFA So what is raw leather?  Raw leather/ full...

How to Choose a Mattress?

How do I choose my new mattress? How do I choose my new mattress? BED + SOFA Frequently asked questions answered. How often should I buy a new mattress? A. The quality...