Quality dining chair Kelly

6 star rated ******

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Blackwood Dining Chair Kelly

Quality dining chair Kelly

6 star rated ******


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Blackwood Dining chair Kelly  The Kelly dining chair is blackwood frame with a mid century vibe The curved back rest feels so comfortable. We have feature the blackwood dining chair with black PU The chair is rated for quality  6 ****** structure is rated  commercial  So well and truly suited for the busy Australian lifestyle .

Beautiful blackwood timber makes the statement and chair provides the best comfort .

The kelly chair teams with the Manhattan blackwood dining table perfectly.

We love this chair.  BED + SOFA            2 colours  available in the upholstery Black  taupe  brown

link for manhattan blackwood dining

How to set your dining table for a casual dinner.



Blackwood frame

Comfort 6 stars

seating  colours available





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