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veneer furniture parquetry pattern IMAGE, parquetry pattern using veneer timber

Sustainable Furniture

Latest trend in furniture is about sustainability.

As we move forward to a more sustainable future, the furniture industry  has made the move to using veneer finish on timber table tops . This is not reducing the quality or the life span of the furniture in fact it may increase . In Australia we have the most beautiful timbers such as marri, black butt, mess mate oaks and many more. These have natural markings showcasing the harsh weather conditions in which the trees have grown and survived. So the new  sustainable veneer furniture will still have all the characteristics without the loss of our beautiful trees. BED + SOFA

1 x  solid timber table top, would make 10 x table tops .

Many of us think of veneer furniture as the ugly laminate finish of the 70s Well  do not,  now think of beautiful antiques  chests parquetry designs beautiful oak dining tables large 4 post beds,  all veneer.

Wood veneer is a thin slice of natural wood that is attached, through  pressing onto a panel of  particleboard. In furniture, wood veneers give the appearance of an all-wood piece, when in reality only the surface is taken from natural wood.

Advantages: Wood veneer furniture pieces use a minimal amount of natural wood, making them more  environmentally friendly. Wood veneers are also less prone to the splintering and warping that can come from  solid wood.

Wood veneer furniture must have a sealer or coating of some sort .

This protects the veneer and stops liquid from seeping through to the particle board  which would be costly to correct,


Benefits of Wood Veneers

1. Durability.
Just because veneer furniture isn’t completely made up of solid wood, doesn’t mean it’s not durable. Because veneer furniture is not prone to the same aging effects as solid wood, such as splitting or warping, wood veneer furniture will often outlast solid wood furniture by years.

2. Easy clean.
When it comes to furniture upkeep, wood veneer furniture is one of the easiest to clean. For general maintenance, all it takes is a quick wipe-down with a dry or damp cloth to keep dust and dirt away.

3. Even appearance in grain 
In wood veneer furniture,  a thin slice  of real wood  is applied to particleboard. This process makes it easy to locate particularly beautiful patterns in the wood’s grain and incorporate them into the aesthetic of the furniture design.

4. Sustainability.
Wood veneer furniture is environmentally friendly. Because only the outermost layer of veneer furniture is made from wood, choosing veneer furniture over solid wood furniture helps to conserve natural resources – while still maintaining the beautiful natural aesthetic found in 100% solid wood.

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