Leather how do I know and choose ?

Leather how do I know and choose ?

Article 1. Raw leather

also known as top full grain leather

Leather how do I know and choose ?   BED + SOFA

So what is raw leather?  Raw leather/ full grain leather is the top layer of the hide. Raw leather or unfinished leather is often referred to as natural leather. The reason for this is the natural leather is aniline dyed for colour and does not have any pigment resin applied after the colouring process So therefore, the leather finish is in a natural state. The raw leather retains the scratches and stretch marks of the hide.

Raw leather looks and feels beautiful, it will retain its lovely deep and rich colour, it is also warmer to touch. It is more soft and supple to feel. So many people love the natural markings and scratches that is comes with and the normal markings of everyday wear and tear. However, because the leather has not had the finishing coat of pigment resin. It is very absorbent and susceptible to staining. Raw leather does age beautifully and over time it will have a subtle honey patina effect, this occurs through the absorption of natural body oils.

  • 1. Who is going to use this sofa?
  • 2.What room is this sofa going into?
  • 3.Do I need this to be easy to maintain?
  • 4.Do I like the scuffs and markings of every day wear and tear?
  • 5. Would I prefer a finished leather or raw leather?

 Raw leather Ages beautifully and is generally the most expensive.

 Pigment resin is the waterproof coating applied to leather it not only waterproofs it protects the leather from marks and scratches making the finished leather much easier to clean and polish off marks and scratches.

Cleaning and maintenance of raw leather. A soft bristle dry brush or a soft dry cloth are all you need to clean your raw leather furniture.

Note: Do not use a leather cleaner or leather moisturisers on natural leather.

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