Geraldton mattress,australian made

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Weight1 kg
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 mm

Geraldton Mattress luxury

Geraldton mattress,australian made


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Geraldton mattress,the support for your back comes from the all australian made titanium pocket spring system ,this individual pocketed spring system will give you minimal partner disturbance, will also  be contouring to your body as you rest. The Geraldton mattress sleeping surface is a pressure point relief , because every spring is individual and contouring leaving no where for pressure points to be .The Geraldton mattress comfort layers are eco 100% latex. This natural and sustainable latex allows you to sleep knowing the therapeutic values of the natural latex are working away to keep you well,the breathable, cushioning and complete comfort. The adaptive moisture wicking fabric controls the temperature of the sleeping surface this wil ensure a cool comfortable sleep.The Gibbons Australian made pocket spring system supports your back and body very gently as you sleep ensuring no aches and pains from the mattress when you wake.You will completely relax while sleeping as every spring is contouring and moulding to your unique shape and size, the  natural comfort layers are creating a cloud of comfort, you will feel so comfortable no cold spots or hot spots , The innovative Australian design is all about comfort, quality and good health. Minimal partner disturbance, differing weights not even an issue in this luxury mattress. contour to your body delivering pressure relief and correct spinal alignment. You will wake feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Australian mattress has taken inspiration from the beautiful Australian Geraldton native wax flower.

Geraldton mattress is available in all sizes as an ensemble or mattress, is suitable for slat base beds, a 10 year warranty. firm, medium or plush.

The bed shop supporting the Australian manufacturers guaranteeing quality and value for money.This ensemble is exclusive to the bed shop; this product is 100% Australian made



*titanium  pocket spring . no pressure points

*temp control ………    Adaptive Dynamic

*No turn ……………   Single sided pillow top

*high density………… Foams premium

*strong side ………….custom foam box encased

*eco …………………..100% natural latex

*suitable slat base beds

*Glides or castors,Comfort level ..plush medium firm

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