Italian leather

Italian leather

Why is it the best?

Italian leather is known as the Market leader. At BED + SOFA ,We love it and we love it because it is beautiful to touch, it smells devine and is unique in appearance. We also love the long / lifetime gaurantees this furniture has. The leather is expensive and therefor the furniture and sofas being produced using this leather are of the highest manufacturing quality and always come with a long or a lifetime gaurantee. The tanning method used today is very different from the harsh and past tanning practises. Italian leather is tanned using vegetable oils, this process produces very soft leathers and unique one of a kind appearance. There are natural markings on this leather as well as markings caused through the tanning process . These are not imperfections – they are the result of the natural tanning process and it is this process that creates a very distinctive look. No two naturally tanned items ever look a-like. So why is it the best ? The tanning process is unique it is enviromentally friendly . There is does not have any or produce any chemicals or run off to injure our environment. The leather is dyed without using chemicals, instead the colour is made using natural items such as tree bark and vegetable tannin . The natural process of italian leather lends itself not only to being kind to our enviroment but also kind to those who suffer with skin allergies.Italian leather ,the process takes much longer and does produce better quality hides.The end result being stronger and longer lasting leather that is water resistant. This process is slow and only produces around 20% of the leather used today.

What is tanning

Tanning is the process of changing   hide into leather



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