Need a good nights sleep?

Need a good nights sleep?

 Don’t despair sleep is here,

We all need sleep to function . So why does quality sleep evade so many of us?

Firstly, Dare I state the obvious. So lets state the obvious..

We no longer work as physically hard as as we once did.

We  spend so much more of our time indoors with artificial lighting, heating and cooling.

We are busy fitting everything into our lives.

We are making our lives stressful. We put so much pressure on ourselves each day,.

When we goto bed we think we should just fall asleep and if we dont we get more stressed.    Get me outta here.

If you do not sleep well ,  Change your habits or  maybe just reading the above may have sent you to sleep.  Well wake up cause there is only one thing you need to sleep everynight and sleep well..

You must love your bed.

Now if you dont then it is time for a new  bed.

A new bed will be warm and cosy, it will feel fresh and new, it will have a pocket spring that will contour to your body and it will be perfect ,just the anticipation of this new bed will inspire you to vacuum and dust your bedroom , polish the bedsides and clean out all of the junk. You will want to clean the windows ,dust the blinds . OH the BED + SOFA truck has pulled into the drive, the excitement is building and in no time at all they are carrying in your new bed and taking the old bed away. Now all you want to do is  put lovely clean linen on the bed a freshly laundered or new doona with a gorgeous cover.Fluff up your pillows  open up the window and admire your gorgeous bedroom . You cannot wait to go to bed

Now you love your bed and you will always want to come home to your bed and you will always sleep best in your bed.

Sleeping disorders are serious and certainly do have a serious impact on your daily life . The below link will take you to the sleep foundation.

How do I choose my new mattress?

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